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If you take a look at my photos you can see that I always try to catch feelings and magic of moments. I’ve got documentary photography style and I always try to be invisible on your wedding day. At couple shots I will never tell you „stand here“,“smile“,“act like..“. Never. I will let your love moving thru your bodies and I will catch the feelings, smiles, kisses and all emotions. I’d like to make a beautiful story of your big day cause I want to make you smile years after that.

I’m really glad that you like my photography style and maybe that’s the reason why did you get on this page. Bellow you can see my pricing. For binding reservation I’ll take 50€ as an advance payment. I will deliver edited photos in digital form and you will get them in 2-3 weeks after wedding, depends on the season (obviously it’s 7 days).

In the form at the end of the page please fill when and where your wedding will be and what pricing did you choose. If you can’t choose any of my pricing packages, we can make package just for you! Just tell me what you like to shoot and I make an offer.

All of the pricing packages are without transportation fees. Transport price depends on distance from Prague and all the fees. It’s not problem to go anywhere in Europe!


  • Small Wedding
  • 400€
  • Wedding guests arriving
  • Ceremony
  • Group shots
  • Couple shots
  • 100 edited photos
  • About 4 hours shooting
  • -
  • -
  • Love it!
  • Half Day Wedding
  • 550€
  • Wedding guests arriving
  • Ceremony
  • Group Shots
  • Couple Shots
  • Wedding feast
  • Wedding traditions
  • About 200 edited photos
  • About 8 hours of shooting
  • Love it!
  • Ultimate Wedding
  • 750 €
  • Since 9am to 9pm
  • From preparations to sunset
  • About 300 edited shots
  • About 12 hours of shooting
  • Love it!
  • Svatební video
  • Cena na vyžádání
  • Chtěli byste nádherné svatební video?
  • U našich externích kameramanů Vám ho rádi zařídíme!
  • Cenu a informace zjistíme na vyžádání.
  • Mám zájem

Extra info

Transportation: To every pricing package is must to be transportation fees add. If necessary there is possibility to take second shooter for better shooting like preperation of the bride and groom and etc..

Do you want custom price package? Just let me know!

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How to order a wedding?

It’s very simple. At first you have to choose pricing package. Click the „Love it!“ button and page will redirect you to order form. You will fill basic informations and choose your package and send it with „Send“ button. I will contact you asap.

You’re not computer magician and you’re not sure if you can fill it well? You can send me an email on with all of the informations and I will leave a reply asap. Don’t worry, we can make it together.

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